our team

Get to know our wonderful team members! We're a diverse bunch of students from Scripps College, united by a passion for feminism and gender issues.




Lina is the Editor in Chief of [in]Visible Magazine this year. She is a senior majoring in English and minoring in Hispanic Studies. This past spring she studied abroad in Granada, Spain, where she found her favorite tapa, hunted for street art, and walked everywhere her feet could take her. Lina enjoys looking at feminist topics relating to movies, TV, and books.  

Sophia Davirro SC '21

Sophia is a freshman at Scripps. She is unsure of what she will be majoring in, but she is looking forward to exploring psychology, feminist studies, and art / media studies. A few of Sophia's interests include art & design, makeup, yoga, and binge-watching Netflix shows.


Priya Thomas SC '21

Priya is a first-year at Scripps. She is not sure what she wants to major in, but she is interested in creative writing, art, psychology, and media studies. She also loves running, swimming, dancing, yoga, going to the beach, and watching Grey's Anatomy.



Frankie beach sc'19


Frankie is the content editor of invisible mag this semester. She's a junior at Scripps and majoring in philosophy. She loves animals (especially pigs), black & white photography, traveling, and writing poetry.  


Evie Kaufman SC '20

Evie is from Brooklyn NY, which of course means (like a true new Yorker) that's the first thing she has to say about herself. She's currently studying cognitive science with a computer science track, and is considering minoring in German. Her hobbies include suffering from both subjects, and occasionally painting.

Abby power sc '21


Abby is a freshman at Scripps from New Hampshire. She's unsure what her major will be, but she's planning on studying a combination of environmental analysis, anthropology, and art. Some of her interests include rugby, basketball, hiking, and photography. 


Alix Hunter sc '20

Alix is a second year student at Scripps College, majoring in Anthropology. She has done work surrounding homeless outreach in Connecticut. That experience has inspired her to want to figure out how systems and departments can be better coordinated. Alix thinks a lot about human sexuality, even starting a club called the Human Sexuality Society. She is also involved in SAS as the Faculty Staff Relations chair. She is looking to write about sex, mental health, and the occult, along with personal essays and narratives.