What Does Scripps Mean to You? #SnapsFromScrapps


As both the semester and the year winds down here at Scripps, we here at [in]Visible Mag thought we'd take a bit of time to reflect on "the Scripps Experience" as well as our own special and personal experiences during our time here. So from our camera to your screen, enjoy these priceless photos, and indulge in a bit of contemplation with us!


Walking through the rose garden by my dorm hall at the beginning of the year was one of the first moments I had where I felt like a Scrippsie. I took pictures at matriculation in front of the rose garden, I’ve walked past it to go to the Mudd dining hall, I picked some roses for my room, and I often find myself stopping there to rest, think, and appreciate where I am. I feel grateful to be surrounded by the beauty of spaces like this as they have often served as sources of inspiration and reflection for me.

-- Sophia Davirro '21



Sometimes it's hard to really sum up my experiences here at Scripps, and to think about them in a big-picture kind of way rather than just week-in, week-out. But when I look at these pictures, my whole Scripps experience flashes through my head at once.

My sister recently visited me here at Scripps during her spring break, and we decided to recreate a picture we took together first year. While we both started at Scripps together our first year, she ending up transferring to a different school. For the most part we've had very different college experiences.

Now that we're both weeks away from graduating, I look at these photos and I'm overcome by how much we've grown and all that we've done, especially the things we never could've imagined ourselves doing the day that we took the first picture. Though I had always pictured us together here for 4 years, I'm grateful for all of the room I've had to branch out on my own and to really push myself to seek out new connections, new spaces, and new roles for myself.

Be seeing ya later, Scripps!   

-- Lina Purtscher, '18


One way I’ve found community here at both Scripps and the 5Cs has been through joining sports teams! I play on both the club rugby and basketball teams, and both have allowed me to be part of incredible communities where everyone “supports the family,” to quote one of my coaches, both on and off the field or court. I’m so lucky to have found these groups full of strong, intelligent women who I can always rely on whether just for a conversation or to help protect me when I get tackled or fouled in a game. I’ve learned more than I ever imagined I could in my first year here and I owe a lot of that to many of my teammates for welcoming me into their communities and supporting me in many more ways than I could count.

-- Abby Power, '21


Secret tower, stairway to heaven

She tells us, you’re free.

Go play. 

Climbing through the window, 

Like a jungle gym. 

Open possibilities, free minds

Leap of faith

Balance, one foot in front of the other. 

Baby steps, you got this. 

Time passes, 

Maternal instincts growing stronger. 

Politics of growth

She tells us.

Power and knowledge


Iron bars closing in

Sharp corners, cold metal

Frames the skyline 

Like empty space 

Where the clouds rest

Against the baby blue sky

Mountains still visible

But they seem, so far

Oh, so far


-- Jess Bird, '19