10 Female Artists You Should Follow on Instagram

By Sophia Davirro

Art, girl power, and Instagram: all things I love. Combine the three and I’m all in. Through Instagram, artists are able to present an entire portfolio that anyone can have access to look at and share. Through their incredible talent and powerful messages, female artists can show the world their work and connect with their followers. In no particular order, here are ten (among many) incredible female artists on Instagram:


1. POLLY NOR (@pollynor)

Born and raised in London, Nor has always loved drawing women. Now, as her bio says, she draws women and their demons. Her characters are diverse, quirky, sexual, lazy, and relatable. Through the women and demons she draws, Nor’s style explores inner turmoil, sexuality, and what it means to be a woman living in the 21st century. Even the titles of her pieces (ie. “shh bby no more tears over fuckboyz”) are modern and comical to read. It’s almost impossible to go through her feed and not comment “SAME” under her work.

*click the image to look at some of the artist's work!

2. TAYLOR ST. CLAIRE (@tayst)

Earning a degree in digital art from the University of Oregon, Taylor St. Claire is no doodler. Though she may have started out drawing simple doodles on top of pictures she liked, her posts have become pieces of art themselves, with unique, intricate designs and composition. Combining art with pop culture, fashion, food, feminism, celebrities, and inspirations, @tayst’s creations never cease to amaze. Even though her style is so distinctive, no two pictures are the same.

3. MARY PURDIE (@drawnbymary)

Mary Purdie’s art is fun, bright, and always relevant to both her everyday mood and her view at current issues in the world. She says that her creativity is inspired by her daily experiences as a woman, which allows her to connect with other women following her work. Not only does she spread relatable messages about womanhood through her art, but each one of Purdie’s posts are simultaneously bold and cute, making her account even more of a joy to look at.

4. LORYN BRANTZ (@lorynbrantz)
Now working as a senior writer and illustrator for Buzzfeed, Brantz uses her Instagram to post her hilarious and witty comics. Through the drawings of big-eyed characters experiencing everyday struggles, Brantz’s work is funny and relatable. She herself is an intersectional feminist, and recently came out with a comic book in April called Feminist Baby, showing how real progress comes from teaching ‘em young. Her talent and humor will be sure to make your day. Oh, she’s also a two-time Emmy winner for her design work on Sesame Street.

5. FLORENCE GIVEN (@florencegivenart)

At just 18 years old, Florence Given is one badass artist. Her style is bold, and so are her messages. Through the combination of phrases written over female characters rolling their eyes, Given’s art confronts issues women face everyday. With a focus on intersectionality, slut-shaming, female masturbation, rape culture, and the male gaze, she uses her art as her voice about a range of issues. Givens isn’t afraid to call people out, and her work shows that.

6. TORI PRESS (@revelatori)

To quote her bio, Tori Press draws about what it’s like to be a human being. Her watercolor drawings are organic and inviting, and they express the flaws we all have, in addition to encouraging positive affirmations. Meditation and mindfulness are themes throughout her work, which pairs well with her focus on mental health, gratitude, and self-acceptance. Press draws what she feels, but also what many others feel, making her account a comforting space for anyone who follows her.

7. MORGAN DAVIDSON (@morgandavidson)

Morgan Davidson is a colored pencil genius. With a BFA in illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design, Davidson draws bright, highly realistic illustrations of nature, fashion, and people. It’s amazing to look at one of her illustrations, and her instagram is a portfolio that shows the extent of her insane use of color and intricate detail. The imagination and creativity in her drawings is unreal, and through her work, she inspires all of us to pick up a colored pencil.

8. FRANCES CANNON (@frances_cannon)

Based in Melbourne, Frances Cannon celebrates femininity and self-love through her simple but powerful drawings. Though most of her posts are her simple line drawings, she is also a painter, and the female body is a recurrent subject of her pieces. Through her work, she encourages women to be proud and confident of anything society may deem as “flaws.” Her art is so influential that her fans can be a part of Cannon’s “Self-Love Club,” where they get tattoos of the phrase and her other artwork. Talk about empowerment.

9. ANGELA MARY VAZ (@straycurls)

Angela Mary Vaz’s comics are insanely adorable. Vaz is an illustrator living in Bangladore, India, and her drawings have a focus on humorously depicting the struggles of having curly hair. Through @StrayCurls, Vaz relates with other women and girls with curly hair, while also commenting on the unrealistic portrayal of curly hair in the media. Her drawings are brightly-colored and fun, which pairs perfectly with the light-hearted tone of her comics.

10. WENDY ORTIZ (@wendyortizart)

Through her blending of femininity and nature, Wendy Ortiz creates whimsical masterpieces that leave you in awe. As a self-taught artist, Ortiz sure does have a way with color, form, and technique. Ortiz’s paintings and illustrations are both soft and powerful, and her unconventional use of wood as a canvas makes her pieces even more mesmerizing. Through her stunning way of painting galaxies, animals, the female body, and other forms of nature, Ortiz’s work is a must-see.

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