The Beckoning Breast

By Mikaela Gallardo

Boobs. Most people would agree that they know what breasts look like, or rather should look like. However, are the breasts we see in steamy movie sex scenes or in pornography the real deal?

In reality, breasts can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There is variance in density, nipple size and color, areola size, and positioning. Despite this, almost 87% of people of all genders worldwide are in agreement that the perfect upper to lower ratio for a woman’s breast is 45% to 55%. This ratio is seen throughout mainstream media, contributing to the construction of the ideal breast as the norm.

However, this creates unrealistic expectations that often lead to insecurity, low self-esteem, and body image issues among those who don’t have “beckoning breasts.” With over 5 to 10 million worldwide going under the knife for breast modification, and with breast augmentation as the reigning cosmetic surgery, it is evident that many feel the pressure to fulfill the image of the ideal breast and go to great lengths to achieve it.

The image of the ideal breast does not just affect adults, but adolescents as well. From the onset of breast growth, budding young women are troubled with societal pressure to develop the perfect boobs. Due to hormonal surges, most breasts do not grow at the same time or rate throughout young adulthood; however, because this is not commonly talked about (unless you manage the courage to breach the subject with your parents or doctor), young women begin to feel inadequate and self-conscious at a young age.

While most women’s breasts become fairly evened out by adulthood, the majority experience some degree of asymmetry. For some this means a difference of several cup sizes, one breast sitting lower than the other, or a difference in nipple size. Regardless of the severity of asymmetry experienced, asymmetrical breasts do not coincide with the societal perception that breasts are “identical twins.” On the contrary, breasts are more like siblings who resemble one another but are not the same.

It is important for people of all genders to realize that the perfect pair of breasts portrayed in movies simply does not exist. Every pair of breasts is unique and should be embraced as such. There are no flaws when it comes to one’s body, only beautiful individuality. Embrace your uniqueness and love your body.

*It is important to note that not all women have breasts, and just because an individual has breasts does not make them a woman.